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The Just Transition Planning Process for Business

A Toolkit to Drive Social Dialogue and Stakeholder Engagement Toward a Just, Equitable, and Inclusive Transition

For companies designing and implementing a just, equitable and inclusive approach to net zero, the process is complex and requires difficult trade-offs. This guidance offers practical steps to help companies formulate a just transition plan, including implementation tools for:

  • External stakeholder engagement and social dialogue
  • Internal knowledge-gathering and discussions
  • A company-wide integration strategy

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Jenna Kowalevsky portrait

Jenna Kowalevsky

Manager, Energy, Extractives, Industrials, and Transport


Anine Bundgård portrait

Anine Bundgård

Manager, Climate Change


Alexandra Kolev portrait

Alexandra Kolev

Associate, Collaboration


Ouida Chichester portrait

Ouida Chichester

Director, Energy, Extractives, Transport, and Industrials

San Francisco

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